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Week 30


Hi! This is Avery! It’s so hard to believe that school is almost over! I am gonna miss writing my blog. We have been doing literally nothing but TCAP prep this whole week! On the bright side, in art, we are making monster stuffed animals out of felt. Mine has a round head, cat ears, three eyes, and four tentacles. I am going to sew a hair bow onto her. I have named her Stella. I certainly love art. My poor cat, Rosie had to get stitches. She is a Persian, so she got a really bad mat that hurt her skin. She also had to be shaved (she looks a bit ridiculous). My mom and my brother and I are building a massive cage for Clover and Hobbes. (Hobbes is my other guinea pig). Well, thanks for reading my blog!

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How Mountains and Oceans Affect Weather
By: Avery Shellist

Have you ever wondered why and how weather is different in different locations? It ultimately depends on mountains and oceans. Now, let your questions be answered!
Oceans are precipitation power plants. When it gets hot over an ocean, it evaporates. Then it goes through the water cycle on land (Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff, and collection). Oceans also carry heat on currents. A certain current on the west coast carries cool water around, so it makes the beach slightly cooler. Other currents keep land warm. No wonder people love the beach so much!
How about mountains? How on Earth could they affect any kind of weather? They actually create deserts! If a mountain range is near an ocean, water in a cloud goes over it. As it gets higher, it gets cooler, so it rains. By the time it’s on the leeward side of the mountain (Sheltered side), the wind’s out of water. This causes droughts on this side of the mountain, which causes deserts. No, I don’t mean chocolate pie!
So, did I answer your questions? If I did, I am so awesome- I mean, I will be very proud of myself. Thanks for reading!

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Week 29


Hello! This is Avery! Welcome back to my hive. This week, we have been doing nothing but TCAP prep.  :(  In Soul Singers, we did something really fun :) ! We performed  in front of our school. It was scary at first, but it got really fun to sing! Everyone’s obsessing about the track meet that happened recently. We keep watching the video every morning on the morning news at my school. It’s really getting annoying. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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Science Tools!!!!!!


When you hear “science tools”, you probably think of  a telescope, or a microscope, or test tubes, etc. Well, when you see the ones I’m talking about, you will see that microscopes and telescopes are only a fraction of science tools.

First thing’s first, I want to talk about the Bunsen burner. You may have heard the word “Bunsen” in the Muppet Show. Well now, you get to hear what it actually means. Once it is clear to you, Bunsen Honeydew will be, too. The bunsen burner looks like a metal tube with flame coming out the end. The bunsen burner is a heat source to heat chemicals, boil water, and sterilize objects. The bunsen burner is actually a classic tool that’s important to science.

Second thing’s second, the spring scale. Don’t get too excited. It’s not for measuring jumping. It measures gravity. You attach it to something strong (like a crane), and then you attach it to the object you are measuring. Then you can measure its gravitational pull on the ground. Spring scales are used industrially for weighing objects. Now, let’s spring out of the spring scales and to the anemometer.

The anemometer is a wind tool to measure wind velociraptor… I mean, velocity.  It has little bowl-like blades to catch wind. The faster it spins, the faster and stronger the wind is. That’s pretty much everything about it. Thanks for reading my awesome science paper!

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:D :D :D :D :D

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Week 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Hi! This is Avery! We did a lot of TCAP review this week. The most exciting parts of this week were electronics day in math class+ I GOT A GUINEA PIG!!!!!!! I actually got two, but the two are fighting :( :( The first one is Clover and if we keep the second one, he will either be named Wilbur or PorkPie. Clover is a little sweetheart, even if he is bullying Wilbur. Even though I just got him on Sunday, he lets me pet him!

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Week 25


Hi! This is Avery Shellist, A.K.A. me! I now only have two fish+ poor little Champ died! :( In good news, Cornflake laid an egg! It was really exciting! I am going to Rachil’s house today! I am really excited! If my mom is reading this: I love you and I’ll be sure to call you tonight. :)  By the way, I forgot to put my research from last week on here. I hope you enjoy!




This day was going to be perfect. The kind of day of which I’ve dreamed since I was little. Like all stories, this went horribly wrong. I wanted this to be a very special time with my friend, Rachil. We were in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, having a two week long campout. We are only fifteen, and this was horrifying to both of us. This catastrophe really changed our trip, and our lives.


“DON’T EAT THAT!” I yelled, “That’s poison ivy, not bromeliad!”


“Oh, I’m so confused! Are you positive? It looks like bromeliad.”


“UGH! Bromeliads grow on trees, plus, they are giant flowers!”


“Sorry. I know something that we can agree on, some meat. Goodness, I’m starving! I could swear I heard a rabid jaguar!”


Ironically, a jaguar stood behind her, its mouth heavily foaming. She turned around just in time.





We ran just in time to avoid the sick beast. “Wait! Do you have the map?” She nodded and held it out. Just then, a rabid roar made us run like the wind. Suddenly, I heard a tearing noise. I turned around, and almost busted a nerve. The map was torn in half, the other side caught on a low tree branch! Then, a bird swiped it off the branch and flew off.


“You have got to be kidding me! You can’t be…”


“Serious,” Rachil finished.


We found the jaguar, dead, by the riverbank. Poor guy. Rachil and I looked for food all around. We also searched in bird nests for the map. No luck. We found several things. We found Brazil nuts, cocoa beans (which were disgusting), lemons, allspice (spice flavored berries), and luckily, sugarcane. We reused our waterbottles, and made lemonade!


Soon, lemon juice wasn’t enough to hydrate us. It was burning up and I could hardly talk.


“We’re doomed,” Rachil croaked.


“I know, what are we going to do? I wish that stupid bird would just bring the ma-”


Just then, the same bird landed on the tree branch next to me, with the map in its beak. It dropped the map on me and gave me a painful peck on the head. “Why do I even try?” Rachil giggled really hard.

I was relieved to get out of the jungle, and so was Rachil. We drank a lot of water after this. We also needed medical help because I had accidentally eaten poison ivy instead of bromeliad. Silly me! Maybe I should listen to Rachil sometimes!

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Week 24


I am so excited! I am going to a wedding soon! Also, one of my chickens laid an egg!!!!!!!! By the way all of my fish died except for Grahmi, Danny, and Dawn. :( I am going to learn how to ride my bike and buy a fancy dress tomorrow. We talked about Icees today in grammar. Dominick gave us little wooden things from Santa Fe. I got a wooden spider. Remember people, be sure not to eat yellow snow– I mean pick up litter. Yeah, pick up litter.

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Supreme Week of 23


Whazzup???!!! This is Avery! I got fish a few days ago! I named my Gourami Grommi. I have two Dalmation mollies. They don’t have names. I have two lyre tail mollies named Leto and Narcissus. There’s a zebra danio named Danny. He has only one eye, so I nicknamed him Nick Fury. I have a guppy named Dawn. Last, but not least, my mom found a fry in the tank. I couldn’t stand to see him get eaten, so we put him in a different tank. His name’s Champ. We didn’t do much this week. When I go to Webb, I want to do bake sales during WebbFest. I’m going to raise money for the bees. If you want to hear some cool stuff about me, leave a comment! Thanks for reading my blog! :)

Long Track Speed Skating

By Avery Shellist



Is long track speed skating one of your favorite sports? It’s probably my second favorite Winter Olympic sport. “Just what is long track speed skating?”, you may ask. Of course, it’s on a long track. Two people race each other, and the winning skater is counted by their time. Each winner faces a winner of another race, and so on.


Have you actually seen some of the athletes on TV? I’ve seen the Netherlands do very well when they speed skate. I have seen Irene Weust, and she is amazing at the sport. She (of course) won a gold medal. Sven Kramer also won a gold medal. I really wish I’d seen him on TV! If you’ve seen any speed skating, then you’ve seen some awesome stuff!


The sport of speed skating is my second favorite winter sport. If it gets to a serious race, it really gets intense! The athletes have to be very careful because the blades on the skates are very sharp! In short track skating, they have to wear pads on their necks! When you watch speed skating, you’ll be on the edge of your seat!


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Week 22


Hi! This is Avery! This week has been great, except I have been sad over Oreo’s death. Our schedule for this week has been entirely rearranged! It is super whacked out! We are doing a favorite book dress up day. I am doing Fern from Charlotte’s Web. I have a stuffed pig and a spider made out of clay. She kinda broke… Charlotte’s death again!!! :( I am getting fish tomorrow! I am nicknaming them the Fancy Pants (the guppies), the 101s (the Dalmatian Mollies), and the Silver Moons (the platies). I probably seem weird to you to nickname fish, don’t I? :) Sometimes, you should appreciate being weird. I totally forgot to mention, I had a HUGE test yesterday. It was called the MIST. Scary sounding isn’t it? I did really good (maybe) on the first part. So-so on the second part. I had a really great week! I hope that you did too! :D

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