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Week 34


This week is making me think of the song, “I won’t go!”. I don’t want to stop writing my blog! I’m gonna miss all of you (my responders.). We are getting to go to the Tuckaleechee Caverns. I am super excited (as usual)! We got to do electronics day in math. I will actually miss math. We also did a pirate play, which was really fun. Again, I am really gonna miss all of you, so goodbye, for the last time. :D :( :D :( :D :( :D :( 

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Week 33


This week was awesome! We got to use electronics a lot. The only thing I’m  worried about is my mom’s surgery. Please wish her luck! Thanks for reading my blog! Bye bye!

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Week 32


Hello! This is Aves. We did TCAPs this week! Scary, huh? More like boooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg! Seriously though. There’s a lot going on at school, but more stuff at home. First, I’ll finally get to go to Webb with my B.B.B.F.F (Big Brother Best Friend Forever)! I am super excited  about that! Also, I am going to meet all of the people in my grade at Webb. My best friend is going with me to Webb, and I am so glad she’s going! My guinea pigs are doing well, and speaking of animals, my grandpa got baby chicks. He’s gone a little too far this time. Only one of them’s been nicknamed. That one’s a buff Orpington. Her name is Tiny since she’s a runt. One more thing; I have found the best series of books ever! They’re called the Underland chronicles. I highly suggest them to you. Thanks for reading my boss blog! :D :D :D :D :D :D  :D 

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Week 31


Hello! This is Avery! Welcome back to my hive! My mom and I have built a giant guinea pig cage that stretches all the way across my wall! My piggies are so happy. Hobbes started running laps around the cage until he got exhausted. We did absolutely nothing but TCAP prep all week. Boooorrrrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg! I have also been writing prophecies for Harmonia, a country I made up. Not much else has happened. ): Well, thanks for reading my blog!

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Week 30


Hi! This is Avery! It’s so hard to believe that school is almost over! I am gonna miss writing my blog. We have been doing literally nothing but TCAP prep this whole week! On the bright side, in art, we are making monster stuffed animals out of felt. Mine has a round head, cat ears, three eyes, and four tentacles. I am going to sew a hair bow onto her. I have named her Stella. I certainly love art. My poor cat, Rosie had to get stitches. She is a Persian, so she got a really bad mat that hurt her skin. She also had to be shaved (she looks a bit ridiculous). My mom and my brother and I are building a massive cage for Clover and Hobbes. (Hobbes is my other guinea pig). Well, thanks for reading my blog!

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How Mountains and Oceans Affect Weather
By: Avery Shellist

Have you ever wondered why and how weather is different in different locations? It ultimately depends on mountains and oceans. Now, let your questions be answered!
Oceans are precipitation power plants. When it gets hot over an ocean, it evaporates. Then it goes through the water cycle on land (Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff, and collection). Oceans also carry heat on currents. A certain current on the west coast carries cool water around, so it makes the beach slightly cooler. Other currents keep land warm. No wonder people love the beach so much!
How about mountains? How on Earth could they affect any kind of weather? They actually create deserts! If a mountain range is near an ocean, water in a cloud goes over it. As it gets higher, it gets cooler, so it rains. By the time it’s on the leeward side of the mountain (Sheltered side), the wind’s out of water. This causes droughts on this side of the mountain, which causes deserts. No, I don’t mean chocolate pie!
So, did I answer your questions? If I did, I am so awesome- I mean, I will be very proud of myself. Thanks for reading!

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Week 29


Hello! This is Avery! Welcome back to my hive. This week, we have been doing nothing but TCAP prep.  :(  In Soul Singers, we did something really fun :) ! We performed  in front of our school. It was scary at first, but it got really fun to sing! Everyone’s obsessing about the track meet that happened recently. We keep watching the video every morning on the morning news at my school. It’s really getting annoying. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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Science Tools!!!!!!


When you hear “science tools”, you probably think of  a telescope, or a microscope, or test tubes, etc. Well, when you see the ones I’m talking about, you will see that microscopes and telescopes are only a fraction of science tools.

First thing’s first, I want to talk about the Bunsen burner. You may have heard the word “Bunsen” in the Muppet Show. Well now, you get to hear what it actually means. Once it is clear to you, Bunsen Honeydew will be, too. The bunsen burner looks like a metal tube with flame coming out the end. The bunsen burner is a heat source to heat chemicals, boil water, and sterilize objects. The bunsen burner is actually a classic tool that’s important to science.

Second thing’s second, the spring scale. Don’t get too excited. It’s not for measuring jumping. It measures gravity. You attach it to something strong (like a crane), and then you attach it to the object you are measuring. Then you can measure its gravitational pull on the ground. Spring scales are used industrially for weighing objects. Now, let’s spring out of the spring scales and to the anemometer.

The anemometer is a wind tool to measure wind velociraptor… I mean, velocity.  It has little bowl-like blades to catch wind. The faster it spins, the faster and stronger the wind is. That’s pretty much everything about it. Thanks for reading my awesome science paper!

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:D :D :D :D :D

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Week 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Hi! This is Avery! We did a lot of TCAP review this week. The most exciting parts of this week were electronics day in math class+ I GOT A GUINEA PIG!!!!!!! I actually got two, but the two are fighting :( :( The first one is Clover and if we keep the second one, he will either be named Wilbur or PorkPie. Clover is a little sweetheart, even if he is bullying Wilbur. Even though I just got him on Sunday, he lets me pet him!

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